Here we will see Top 10 Best AI Tools for Music Production

1. Magenta Studio

Magenta Studio is a collection of music plugins built on Magenta’s open source tools and models. It uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques for music generation and is available as a standalone application or as a plugin for Ableton Live. With Magenta Studio, you can create music that is both unique and high-quality is one of the Best AI Tools for Music Production.

2. Orb Producer Suite

Orb Producer Suite is a powerful AI music production tool that creates an infinite number of musical patterns and loops for musicians to base ideas off. It integrates perfectly with all DAWs except Protools. It works by making use of 4 VST3 / AU plug-ins (Melody / Chords / Arpeggios / Bass) to make music using AI.

3. Amper

Amper is designed to require a minimum amount of input to create a unique piece of music. The music generated is from scratch before being composed, performed, produced, and recorded for content creators of all kinds. With Amper, you can create music that is both unique and high-quality.


AIVA composes emotional soundtracks for advertisements, videotape games, or pictures. Alongside erecting songs from scrape, the app can also be used to produce variations of being songs. The music machine that powers AIVA makes the product of commercial or social media vids much easier, as it removes the need for music licensing.

5. MuseNet

MuseNet generates songs with up to 10 different instruments and in up to 15 different styles. It allows you to enjoy a lot of AI-generated music but doesn’t allow you to generate your own music at this current stage.

6. Jukedeck

Jukedeck relies on deep neural networks to analyze music data and compose original music for you. Each track you build on Jukedeck can be easily edited, so you’re able to change up the tempo or length of your composition.

7. Soundraw

Soundraw is a music production tool that creates royalty-free music for creators using AI. It makes it easy to generate soundtracks for your videos with just a click. You can also edit the AI-generated music to tailor it to your preference or taste.


LANDR is a cloud-based mastering service that uses AI to master tracks. It offers a range of mastering options, including automated mastering, stem mastering, and attended mastering.

9. Melodrive

Melodrive is a music generation platform that uses AI to create adaptive music for video games, VR, and other interactive media. It allows you to create music that adapts to the user’s actions and emotions.

10. WaveAI

WaveAI is a music production tool that uses AI to generate original music. It allows you to choose the genre, mood, and length of the song, and the AI will handle the rest.