Here are the Top 10 Best AI Question Generators for 2024 and 2023

Creating online assessments for knowledge is an essential part of business education. From job interviews to training and Exams. As technology continues to advance, artificial intelligence( AI) has surfaced as an important tool for generating questions automatically, saving preceptors precious time and trouble.

1. OpenAI Chat GPT (GPT-3.5)

GPT-3.5 models can understand and generate natural language or code. OpenAI most capable and cost-effective model in the GPT-3.5. We can use Chat GPT as our Questioner.

We have to tell chat GPT “ Act as a math questioner for topic ..”

We can make Chat GPT a Recutiter, We have to tell Chat Gpt “ Act as a recruiter ”.

This is the best AI model With lots of data in it and can act as Best AI Question Generators

2. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is also one of the best question-answering computer systems able to answer questions posed in natural language, It can dissect textbooks and induce questions grounded on the content.

Watson’s advanced algorithms insure that the questions are applicable and aligned with the literacy objects also, Watson can also estimate the difficulty position of questions and give precious perceptivity into the learners’ performance.

3. EdApp

EdApp is a free AI quiz creator for coaches looking for a fresh and innovative way to quiz and track their learners ’ progress. EdApp is a mobile-first literacy platform that utilizes AI to induce quiz questions. It offers a range of question types, including multiple-choice, image-grounded, and audio-grounded questions.
EdApp’s AI algorithm adapts to learners’ performance and knitters posterior questions consequently, fostering substantiated learning experiences.

4. OpExams

OpExams questions creator helps you generate questions from any textbook. You can generate multiple choice questions, true or false, and open questions. You can also save the generated questions and use them in your examinations. It is also helpful for teacher by creating and grading exams. OpExams make it easy to prepare, administer, grade and analyze, both your paper and online exams.

5. Quizbot

Quizbot helps in creating Multiple Choice, True-False, Open Ended, computation, Fill in the Blanks, Matching Questions Blooms Taxonomy Questions for SAT, IGCSE, IELTS, TOEFL Quizbot is an important AI question creator designed to revise the way you produce questions and examinations by allowing you to produce multiple performances of the test at different situations.

6. Quizgecko

Quizgecko Automatically induce online quizzes, tests and examinations from your content. Create assessments in no time to boost knowledge and estimate chops. Whether it’s for delivering training, developing courses, or instrument it has got you covered. Enjoy AI- AI-generated quizzes, flashcards, and notes acclimatized to your unique literacy requirements. Save time, boost retention, and ace your examinations with ease.

7. Quizlet

Quizlet is a multi-national American company that provides tools for studying and learning. Quizlet is a popular online literacy platform that specializes in literacy tools like digital flashcards and tests. It incorporates AI technology to induce quiz questions used in these tests and machine literacy algorithms to understand the content and produce questions that assess specific motives.

8. WIRIS quizzes

WirisQuizzes mostly helps in creating Online Math Quizzes has noway been so easy This is a quick illustration on how WirisQuizzes can help you produce and manage online calculation quizzes. WIRIS quizzes also provides real-time feedback and step-by-step solutions, facilitating effective learning and assessment in STEM disciplines.

9. PrepAI

PrepAI is also AI quiz creator option for flawless assessment creation. This tool streamlines the entire process, allowing you to make high-quality examinations, quizzes, and tests with just a single advisement. You can indeed input multiple content sources and choose from a variety of question formats. This guarantees your quizzes are engaging, applicable, and utmost of all, poignant.


ClassMarker is an online assessment platform that incorporates AI to induce customizable quiz questions. It provides a question bank with pre-made questions across colorful subjects, and preceptors can also produce their own questions. ClassMarker’s AI question creator assists in automatic question selection and randomization, streamlining the quiz creation process.

This blog post consisted of Top 10 Best AI Question Generators for 2024 and 2023 that can also be used in the Future, pressing their features, benefits, and implicit operations in the educational geography.