Here is the list of all the Best FREE AI Website builder

These are some of the best free AI website builders and some are FREE with certain limitation that I found on the web.

10web IO is one of the best website builder. You can make one website for free per email id without any credit card.

10Web offers a comprehensive set of tools and services to produce, host and manage WordPress websites. All you need to do is to choose the option “produce a new website with AI ” and answer a many simple questions about your business. AI’ll use your answers to induce web layout with content and images that you can modify in WordPress.

It also has features like AI business name creator, AI marketing strategy creator, AI web design tool, AI SEO tool, AI content writer, drag-and-drop editor, SSL instruments, image optimization, and templates.

You can also Build your Ecommerce business with the help of For managing the backend of WordPress you will have to take a plan and the free version has certain limitations.


Durable tends to be the fastest website builder it can create a website in just 30 sec. You can make one website for free with a email id without any credit card.

Durable makes it easy for you to customize the design. It’s possible to generate some sections in one click. All you need to do is to hang the mouse over the section you want to change and click the “ Regenerate ” button. The editor will produce a new interpretation of the section in a many seconds.


HOCOOS AI a FREE AI Website builder creates business-ready websites in seconds, filled with AI-generated content, design, and eye-catching images. Just answer 8 quick questions and you are ready to go..

FREE AI Website builder

The website builder also helps you customize your website further with an easy- to- use editor. It offers features like online stores, bookings, and marketing tools to help your business grow.

You can also create one free booking system in it for free.


Framer is a free website builder where we can create one project for free with AI, Framer offers a free plan with limited features.

ai website builder open source

Framer makes structure professional spots easy, fast, and fun while delivering best-in-class SEO, performance, and hosting. Start with AI. induce a beautiful website in many seconds.


PageFlow is a FREE AI Website builder which is ChatGPT-powered AI website maker that allows you to generate entire website sections. You can customize every section by writing simple commands and not writing any code. PageFlow is also available on GitHub.

You can export and download your website section as a zip file, which contains the HTML, CSS, and images files. You can then upload your website section to any hosting service or domain name that you want. You can use simple commands to change the appearance and content of your website section. For example, you can use color: blue to change the background color, or text: Hello world to change the text. You can also use variables and expressions to create dynamic content.


Odoo is a 100% free website builder, including hosting & domain name which is also free. It also has Livechat which can Convert visitors into leads. Built-in Customer portal which help Connect with your customers.

Multi-language ready Translations made easy with inline translation and detection of visitor language with GeoIP.
Reach a larger audience. Engineered for SEO.

Hosting is free too, without Ads or limits. Our contribution to the community is financed by other apps: accounting, inventory, HR.

It also gives access to millions of copyright-free, high quality, photos, videos and illustrations.

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